• It is a technique where a single spermatozoa is injected directly into the cytoplasm of the oocyte in order to achieve fertilization.
  • Sperm is initially taken from the ejaculate.
  • If sperm cannot be retrieved TESE or MESA is done.
  • In this procedure, the oocytes are collected the same way as in IVF.
  • Both the egg and the sperm are then brought under a micromanipulator, which is an inverted microscope with 2 pipettes.
  • A micropipette holds the oocyte and an injection pipette deposits the spermatozoon directly into the ooplasm of the oocyte.
  • Fertilization rates are very high and pregnancy rates are 20-40%

Indications of ICSI are severe oligospermia (<5 million sperms per ml), asthenospermia (reduced sperm motility), Teratozoospermia(abnormal sperm morphology), the presence of sperm antibodies, failure of fertilization by IVF, unexplained infertility.