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About Us: Looking for IVF Treatment in Mumbai

Who we are?

IVF Treatment Mumbai
The Southern Cross Fertility & IVF Centre is located in Mumbai, India. It was established in 1989 by Dr. Faram E. Irani, and has ISO certification. Our main purpose is to provide comprehensive, personalized, quality health care, especially to high risk pregnant patients, as well as to infertile couples. We have already created more than 300 test tube babies, [in cases of irreversible infertility] apart from helping thousands of couples to have their own children.

What we do? – Experts in IVF Treatment Mumbai

Our goal is happy, healthy families, with the help of modern as well as conventional infertility treatments. We obtain a pregnancy for you, using the simplest and least expensive way, as quickly as possible. The Southern Cross Fertility & IVF Centre is a unique Superspecialty State of the Art Center. It has dedicated staff, and superlative technology in the field of Advanced Endoscopic Surgery, Reproductive Microsurgery, and Advanced Reproductive Technology. It is already considered a premier name in the field of Reproductive Medicine. Among the many services we offer are Consultations, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Management of High-Risk Pregnancies, Andrology related services, and Art [Assisted Reproductive Technology] services.

IVF Treatment Mumbai

We perform every aspect of the diagnostic testing required, assuring continuity of care and the highest standards in medical care. Many patients from across the country and around the world have traveled to see Dr. Faram Irani at The Southern Cross Fertility & IVF Centre. We have a special program for patients outside of the area to make this process as convenient as possible. The delighted parents who have been our patients are the best credentials that any doctor in this field can have. We consider each couple to be a part of our family, as we attempt to help them create their own. They recollect with warmth, the day we gave them hope. .and made their dreams come true. We have a compassionate and thorough approach to infertility treatment.

We believe that fertility challenges should be dealt with aggressively yet with sensitivity to each couples particular situation. Not all infertility requires advanced technological intervention and it has never been the practice of our office to offer such treatments prematurely. Our staff offers the most supportive and caring environment possible because we truly understand that the decision to see an infertility specialist is a difficult one. Dr. Faram Irani is always available for questions, concerns or support.

Our Mission

If you are struggling with the issue of infertility, we hope that you will consider allowing The Southern Cross Fertility & IVF Centre to work with you in addressing your fertility needs.