Egg Donor MumbaiEgg Donor Mumbai

In July 1983 the first egg transfer resulting in a human pregnancy was announced and this then led to the the first egg donor transfer resulting in human baby in 1984. This was carried out at the Harbor UCLA Medical Center.

This new procedure then went on to be standardized and would change the possibilities for those who were unable to have children due to infertility or were at high risk for passing on genetic disorders.Egg Donor oocytes and embryo transfer has given women a mechanism to become pregnant and give birth to a child that will be their biological child, but not their genetic child (assuming that the recipient woman carries the baby.) In many cases, a gestational surrogate is used, and the embryos are implanted into her, per an agreement with the recipients. Oocyte and embryo donation as practiced today now accounts for approximately 5% of in vitro fertilization recorded births.

Another beneficiary of this technology is the gay parent community. Surrogacy has enabled homosexual people to have biological children.

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